Cla'ssé Cosmetics

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Cla'ssé offers highly pigmented and stunning products that can go with any look! As a company we look to provide products that can add an extra flare to your makeup collection. We value quality in all of our products and ensure before your items reach your residence that they are in perfect condition and ready for you to complete a look!

Our Mission

Cla'ssé wants to see a better world for all who inhibit it. We recognize the disconnect between minorities and representation in the beauty industry. It is our goal to give our beautiful people of color a chance to be represented.

We are so grateful for your love and support and want nothing more to add value to your makeup collection and your life! Cla'ssé wants to grow our "cutedents" mentally by providing mini classes on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and building self-love and confidence!

Together we can educate each other and look flawless while doing so! We represent the people who strive for the finer things in life and strap themselves with knowledge in order to reach those goals!

Our Customers

You guys are our best friends! We value and love your support so much! Cla'ssé believes has members we are forever students in this great big world! A we show up beautiful and flawless to every class! because of this our customers are referred to as "cutedents". You have beauty and brains that will not stop growing as long as you support Cla'ssé!

Thank you for you love and support!

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